Reduce your stress and strengthen your emotional well-being and decision-making, thereby living more mindfully and healthfully!

Caren B. Rifkin

Welcome to Biofeedback and Counseling Center

The Biofeedback and Counseling Center is a behavioral health practice with offices in Bedford and Windham, NH. It is established and run by myself, Caren B. Rifkin, LICSW, BCB. I provide integrative mental health counseling, collaborative law coaching, mediation, and specialize in effective methods for stress reduction.

I am a licensed clinical social worker and board certified biofeedback therapist. I have acquired over 30 years of clinical and administrative experience working with individuals and families in diverse settings, such as my private practice, hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers, corporations and the workplace. I am trained as a collaborative professional providing collaborative law coaching, dispute resolution and mediation services.  Learn more about me here.

By using a variety of traditional and mind-body approaches, I work with clients to understand and reduce their major stressors and challenges; strengthen their emotional / physical well-being and decision-making; thereby living more mindfully, healthfully and improving their lives. Learn more about the services I offer here.

Traditional Services

Dispute resolution services and collaborative law coaching, individual psychotherapy, marital and couples counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family counseling are all effective modalities to help improve or solve problems. After evaluation, services are recommended specific to your needs and with your informed consent. The course of method of assistance is always mutually determined.

Mind-Body Services

Integrative mind-body services combines the benefits of both traditional and mind-body therapies. These approaches are particularly helpful for mental and physical health issues related to stress and anxiety. They assist to improve self awareness, emotional and physical resiliency, and psychological self regulation. Mind-body services are mutually determined and individualized to meet your needs and desired goals. There are many very effective techniques that can be easily learned and practiced that promote significant health benefits.

Mind-Body Focus

The mind-body relationship is a fascinating connection between what people think and feel, and their physiological processes. A comprehensive approach to mental and physical health recognizes the interconnectedness of the mind and the body. Mind-body medicine focuses on intervention strategies that promote health and the body’s natural ability to heal. These include but are not limited to: relaxation techniques, stress management, hypnosis, imagery, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, acupuncture, tai chi, qi gong, cognitive-behavioral therapies, social engagement, autogenic training, spiritual development, nutrition and physical exercise.

Dispute Resolution

Mediation & Collaborative Law Coaching. Dispute Resolution Services.